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Wire Harness Feeder System WPM-50F
Wire Harness Feeder System WPM-50F
  • Wire Harness Feeder System WPM-50F

  • Item No : WPM-50F

  • Wire Harness Feeder System, The Wire Spool Pre-feeding Machine Is Suitable For Working With Fully Automatic Wire Processing Machines Like Wire Connector Crimping Machines, Computerized Wire Cutting Stripping Machines, And Wire Soldering Machines.
    The Heat-shrinking Tubing Oven Machine Is Suitable For Mass Production.
    It Can Realize Multi-point Heat Shrinking On One Cable.
    Suitable For Processing Large-diameter, Thick-walled Taped Heat-shrinkable Sleeves, And Super-long Heat-shrinkable Sleeves.
    Precise Heating, Full Quality Control, Zero Burning, Fully Safe.

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Detailed description

Wire Harness Feeder System

The wire spool pre-feeding machine is suitable for working with fully automatic wire processing machines like wire connector crimping machines, computerized wire cutting stripping machines, and wire soldering machines.
The heat-shrinking tubing oven machine is suitable for mass production.
It can realize multi-point heat shrinking on one cable.
Suitable for processing large-diameter, thick-walled taped heat-shrinkable sleeves, and super-long heat-shrinkable sleeves.
Precise heating, full quality control, zero burning, fully safe.




Whole machine size (L * W * H)


Maximum wire harness diameter


Maximum heating length


Cooling zone




Stainless steel and aluminum alloy

Heat shrinkable speed


Conveying motor power

25W( Stepless speed regulation)

Heating mode

Hot air

Heating tube power

2KW, 2 sets

Energy demand 

Power demand

220V Two phase three line 50HZ

Air source demand

3.5 KPa ~ 6KPa



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